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Organic Fertilizer


Precio : EUR0.00(on_call)
Tipo : Venta
Fecha : octubre 2, 2018
Condición : Fresco
Ubicación : Sedova Lane, 72, Cherkassy, Cherkasi, Ucrania

Dear Sirs,

I’d like to make a proposal of an organic fertilizer called Leonardite.

We are Leonardite Producer Company, from Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine. Actual production capacity is about 30 000 50 000 mt per month. Size distribution of the product varying from 0-4mm to 0-300mm. Contract quality specifications as per below indicated parameters:

Characteristics of Leonardite:

Moisture (operation ), %  25,0-45,0

Ash (dry basis), %               9,2-17,6

Acidity ðÍ, %                        4,2-7,5

Bitumens (crude montan wax), (minimum ),% 15,0-16,0

Humic acid, %                    55,2-79,6

Organic matter, %              65,0-83,4

Heavy metals in ash:

Zinc content in ash was 46.6 mg/g; manganese – 33.1 mg/g; copper – 27.6 mg/g; nickel – 16.9 mg/g; cadmium – 0.32 mg/g; lead – 17.7 mg/g. There are also trace amounts of mercury and arsenic. Among the elements tested, iron has exceptional place, with content of 3.42 mg/g of ash. These values point to low heavy metal contents in the leonardite under testing; the most dangerous of them (mercury and arsenic) were found only as traces.

Benefits of using leonardite for the production of fertilizers:

• Eco-friendly, organic fertilizers, growth stimulator ready for direct use,

• Increase productivity up to 40% without extra use of fertilizers,

• High ecological manufactured fertilizers – fertilizers from leonardite does not contain nitric acid and orthophosphate,

• The ability of direct leonardite use as a fertilizer without further processing at a rate from 200 kg on 1 hectare,

• Guaranteed and continuous supply of leonardite with competitive prices,

 • Reclamation of land cover after the mining operations that are mined by open method,

• Restoration of soil fertility,

• Remediation and detoxification of agricultural lands, 

•  Reclamation of saline soils, as well as the detoxification of lands contaminated by anthropogenic human activities.

Price is volume based,any  quotation could be calculated upon your request. 

Visits are welcome,we would be pleased to show your the entire  mining  and production process .

Please evaluate the possibility of cooperation, looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

Constantin Gorban

Tel,Viber,WhatsApp,Telegram:  +38 0955537775

Mobile :+380677780907



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